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when i try the software on the creative website, it give me some message that i am not on a windows computer, which i am, i am using xp, so what should i do?
Sounds like you downloaded the software for a different OS, regardless if it is the Windows version; what Windows version of the software?

also, when i plugged it into my comp, it doesnt blink, like its charging, so i was like, ok whatever, its cool, ill figure it out later, and i put it on my moms computer, which has vista, unfortunately, and after that i had the blink five times, and not power on thing....
If the ZVM is not powering on, then it will not get recognized as a connected device and the proper driver will not load for it to function correctly. You need to address the power issue before you can get it connected and working with a computer.

so i tried this adaptor that i have, that takes usb's +5v and the end changes to a plugin type one, like the dc in on the zen, but it didnt fit, but it did start charging, just having the +5's connected, so i took the little usb attachment, took it apart and jumpered from the +5 the usb supplies from the usb port, and i soldered it to the dc +5v, it starts up now, and is charging,
Ohhhh, I may be sorry for asking but kind of charger? What kind of connector does it use? What are the output specs (besides just voltage)? Check out this post here.

but still will not sync
So, is the ZVM powering on now?
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