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Default skip the build library

Yesterday I had a situation after copying some files to my player, where it would hang during the library build. (I gave it 10 minutes) The only way out was to do a 10-second power off. I think there was a corrupt file somewhere. Anyway, I was lucky that it was on the SD card, because the player returned to normal when I removed the card. I reformatted the card in my card reader and everything was OK.

But it got me thinking, what if the internal memory was corrupted instead of the card? There doesn't seem to be any way to skip the library building process, even when you're just connecting it to the PC as a mass storage device. If this happened, I think returning it the the store would have been the only option because there would be no way to get into the player to reset the memory. Is this right, or is there some secret button combination that can reset the player or put it into mass storage mode without the library build?

In fact, why does it need to build the library before connecting to the PC anyway? It seems like a waste of time.
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I've notice build library times massively increase when I add a playlist. In fact, I'm no longer using playlists because of that. If you had just created a very large playlist, that would possibly have caused a long delay (even 10+ minutes). I guess they are checking that each and every file referenced in the playlist exists before moving on... digitaldel, any insight? If so, that seems inefficient! Just skip songs that can't be found and skip the build library check.

If you see the same problem again, I might try loading up your SD card in a standalone reader and nixing any playlists you might have on it... see if that sidesteps the problem.
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Default Build library problems suck

Exact same thing happened to my old NS-DV4G - it didn't recover.
I hope future f/w makes it impossible for a corrupted playlist or song file to
brick a player.

BTW - a big thank you to Digitaldel for all his help in these forums.
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So is there anything that can be done about this?
This just happened to me, and unfortunately it still happened when I removed my sd card.

It just sits on 1464 forever and nothing save a hard reset will do anything. Is there any way at all to load the pilot up with building the library?

Edit: Called tech support, they tried to step me through reformatting it... no luck. In the end they just told me to take it in, so it's off to Best Buy tomorrow.

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This thing exactly happened to my NS-DV4G as well. It still turns on, but hangs forever on building library. Reformatting won't work because it needs to build library before connecting via USB. I really hope it never happens to my pilot. Good thing I use a 16GB card so 99.9% of new stuff goes on the card and not the device.

Repeating what Jimpen said, It's really, *really* bad design that a single malformed file can completely brick an otherwise perfect player forever. How about a recovery mode or at least some way to bypass build library for the next firmware?
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This has me concerned having just bought a new 8GB Pilot. I mean what's the use of all that memory if you can't use playlists without a ridiculous slowdon? I wonder what on earth goes through the head of the firmware programmers and it seems they all must be from the same pool as my wifes sansa also has a similar idiotic process where if you add an external memory card it does a long library refresh everytime you turn it on. These firmware programmers really need to be forced to use their own devices for a while before releasing it to the public!
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I'm starting to have problems now too!

My player started hanging when building the library (with a 1GB microSD inserted) recently, and now it seems to be getting worse very quickly.

I can trace it back to the day I used the Right-click->Cut/Paste feature to copy files from the internal memory to the card. I had to hit Cancel for some reason. It stopped, and I put the card in the player, and it hung for hours. Without the card, everything was alright.

I figured something was wrong with a file on the card, so I deleted everything from it, put the card back into my player, and all was well.

Wrong. Putting any amount of files on the SD card caused the player to hang when building the library.

OK, so I took all of my music off the internal and external memory. I erased the internal memory. (I didn't format the external. I guess I should have, but more on that later. But I just took it out for the time being.).

I put all of my music back on the internal, and when I went to use it, the music played but everything was unknown. Some files did have their cover art though. Frustrated, I turned it off and went to sleep.

This morning it fired up fine with all the information showing up.

I formatted the microSD card as FAT32, which is what it was originally (and working fine), but the player still hangs with any files on the SD card.

I was thinking about formatting the card from the player, but now the player alternates between saying there are no files in the music library and displaying every song as unknown artist (and either album or song, I can't remember). Even when I connect device in MTP, which appears to do everything right, all of the system folders are blank and unavailable.

When I set it to file & folder mode (either by the System prefs or with the player locked), and all the files are on there. In the player's interface, the system prefs always say that I have 7.2GB used... but going to Folder Browser locks it up.

This is crazy. This player went from awesome to garbage with a click of a mouse... a click that is commonplace and made available by the Windows operating system. I have no idea what else I can do because it's not even the SD card anymore. It's the player.

BTW, the SYS_CONF.JTT file contains "<FirmVer>V1.006"

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It makes me wonder, if the firmware on these players has a memory leak bug that may be corrupting files in certain circumstances because of the way problems seemingly crop up for no reason. I myself had a couple of video files that suddenly stopped playing properly. Why I have no idea.

I am really am in a quandary here, hoping I won't regret not returning it within my return period only to end up with a player full of problems.
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