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Default Problems with Vorbis tagging on the t10

Hi, I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered, but I browsed through the forum pages and didn't find anything, so here goes:

Anyway, I bought a T10 yesterday, primarily because I really like using ogg files. I tried transferring some files to it, and the song title showed up, but the artist and album name did not. I then proceded to re-rip some files using three different programs - Quintessential, CDex and Easy CD-DA. All of the files showed up on the player the same way. When I right clicked on the actual file to see its tag properties, under "summary" the tag properties were listed differently than mp3 files (i.e. the oggs listed title, subject, category whereas the mp3s list album title, track number, genre, etc)

So how do I get the oggs tagged so they show up properly?

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Is your player updated to the latest firmware? if not get it here:

And if it is updated then I think ogg tags only work with the KR UMS firmware. If thats the case(someone correct me if I'm wrong) then see this thread:

You also might want to try update llibrary in the settings>Library update>Manual Update
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