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Default Worried about the player being discontinued

The 8gb Pilot is on sale AGAIN this week for $99, $50 off. Usually when they start doing things like that with a product it is going to be discontinued soon. Should I be getting worried? Has anyone heard anything?
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Topic title changed. Try to use more descriptive titles in the future
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I think its a fire sale. The OEM, Joytoto is probably bringing out a newer model. That also explains the sudden vanishing of the firmware developer from these forums.
IMHO i don't think its the end of Insignia mp3 players.

Even though I was aware of these developments, I went ahead and got one on eBay from Best Buy Outlet. 8GB for $50 is a pretty decent auction deal!
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yea i saw 1 for 80$ at best buy soyea!
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I haven't spoken with Insignia in a while, but as far as I know the Pilot is still going strong, and hopefully they're working on a new firmware release for the Pilot (Actually, I think that's what I said about the NS-DV a few days before the Pilot was released... ).

BTW: Joytoto doesn't design the players for Insignia. Insignia designs them, and Joytoto builds them.
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