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I have figured out a work around so that I can use bookmarks with my audio books from overdrive. I just bookmark one of the tracks in the book by pressing the rating button. When I play the bookmark it only shows the one track the bookmark was in, but I can then go to the book in the music folder and use add to now playing. It only ads the missing files to the book. It looks like if the track was in the middle I may have to skip forward through the previous tracks after it is finished playing. example I bookmark in track 4. go back later to play the bookmark, while it is playing I add the rest of the book to now playing. When track 4 is done it goes to track 1, I skip forward through tracks 1 2 and 3 to 5 and continue listening. Took me reading a few listings to figure out how to make this work. It is actually pretty simple, even though my explanation may be long. I've only used this in testing to see if it would work, but I'm looking forward to being able to save my spot in my books when I'm starting to fall asleep or when I want to listen to some music. I have also found once I load and overdrive book to the player it doesn't expire and if anyone "fixes" it I'll be really pissed.
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