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I really don't want to read through the whole thread to see if someone's posted this, but I'd really like to be able to turn off the display while connected via tv-out, and while connected to computer or charging with a USB charger. TV-out battery performance is awful and anything to improve it would be nice.

I'd also like to vote for the following:
1 Remember playlist / currently playing media after sync/charge, as well as the ability to bookmark entire playlists

Pressing back in random mode should skip to the last song, not a new random one.

More agressive auto-connect of bluetooth. Currently it only auto connects at startup, and even then only if you had the bluetooth connected when it was shut off. Every other bluetooth device can monitor for paired devices and connect when they are nearby. It's currently a hassle to use bluetooth since you almost always have to go through the menus to connect it.

I would love much more configurability in how the bookmark/rating rocker works, as I never use it for ratings, and almost no one else does.

14 Player should check to see if ID3 tags have been modified since last DB refresh to prevent unnecessary time consuming DB refreshes [4 votes] This would be very nice. Why does the player need to scan the files when it starts up if I haven't changed anything?

Mp3 record from line in and radio

It's a fantasy, but slightly more flexible support for video would be wonderful. I know that video podcasts are unrealistic as the ipod uses H.264 which can't be handled on the pilot's processor, but not even zune podcasts, which are 320x240 WMV's work. For example, the MSNBC podcasts at
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