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Default UMS/MSC folder bug?


I just bought a Samsung YP-U3 today to replace my Sansa Express that I accidentally broke yesterday and I came across a very annoying issue. I'm on Firmware 1.12WA which means my player is in UMS/MSC mode by default.

I use my mp3 player to listen to audiobooks so I like to put my audiobooks into different folders. The problem is, when I try to play the files in normal mode, all the files in the entire mp3 player show up. For example, say I have 2 audiobooks in my mp3 player, each containing 10 tracks, even if I play from one folder, all 20 tracks show up in the playlist. Is this how the player is supposed to work by default?

The only way I can get the player to display only 10 files is if I set the play mode to repeat folder, which is not what I'm looking for. Is there any way I can get the player to play just the folder? Your thoughts will be appreciated. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything related to this problem while reading the posts.

Edit: I made a workaround for this problem since I use mp3tag to tag my mp3 files. The following script can be added to the Export function in mp3tag to generate SPL playlists (since for some really annoying reason the MSC version of Yp-U3 doesn't recognise M3U nor WPL formats!) for albums and place the playlist in the correct playlist folder.

Code can be found here:
$filename($trim($regexp(%_path%,^(.{2}).*,\1)\Playlist\$if($neql(len(%album%,0)),%album%,album)).spl,utf-16)SPL PLAYLIST


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