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Originally Posted by SandyGoat View Post
Just curious why this feature is even present and if anyone actually uses it?

I wonder because it seems a lot easier to just pick up the phone since you have to pick up the T10 and hold it to your face anyway.

It's like a step backwards it seems to me.
The T10's mic is actually really sensitive. i can usually have it in a shirt pocket, or even in my pants pocket, and others hear me just fine. In the car is the best example of when to use it. i use the T10 in the car all the time. Hooked with a cassette converter. The T10 pauses the music, and lets me take a call over the car stereo. Since i have a little holder that keeps the T10 on the dash in an air vent, i simply talk, and the T10 picks up every word just fine. Once the call is done, the T10 hangs up, and keeps playing music. I love it. Have the T10 mated to a phone, and it auto inturrupts the music so you can take the call. couldnt be simpler and more cool to use. and it was working fine ever since 2.x when it was first available.
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