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Default Sansa Fuze have the same tip as View and e2xx?

I ordered my fuze and should hopefully get it in a few days. I have the chargers from and already have tips for my kids e2xx, but they dont have the fuze listed yet. Does the fuze have the same tip as view/e2xx. I would think so, but just wondering off hand. Save me from having to order some more tips (got Creative, Motorola, Sansa and Blackberry already )
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Yes, but I have one wall charger that for some reason, works with the e250 and c240 but not the Fuze... your mileage may vary.
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The dock port on the Fuze should be the same as the e200 and View. If it does not work, I am not sure why it is not working tho.
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I have both the Sansa e200 (I have two of them) and the Sansa Fuze, and the USB cable for the e200 works fine with the Fuze......when I took the Fuze out of it's package, I didn't even bother with it's cable, as I already had the e200's cable by my PC, and charged the Fuze and DL'd 4.5GB of music onto it using the older cable......
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That was potentially dangerous (the wiring in the plug could have been different) but I'm very glad to hear the cables are interchangeable. That means I have three spares in case anything happens to the one that comes with my new player!

(Sorry to revive an old thread but this question concerned me and might concern others as well...)
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