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Make sure you are trying the correct procedure for getting into Recovery Mode.

To reset the Zen V and get into Recovery Mode:

1. Use a paper clip and insert it into the Reset hole located below the power switch. (You should be able to feel the small button suppress and release)

2. Press and hold the Play button while powering on your player.

3. When the player displays the Creative logo, release the Play button.

If you can get into Recovery Mode, try doing a Cleanup to see if that helps. If for some reason it won't go into Recovery Mode or it even freezes while booted in Recovery Mode, there could be a possible bootloader or ROM chip failure that would require a new mainboard to repair the Zen V. If you just recently purchased it, return it or contact Creative for repair if under warranty.

Returning your Zen to Creative for warranty service.
Creative Warranty Returns FAQ.

Even if outside of the warranty period, you can still have Creative repair the Zen V for a fee. If it is out of the warranty and you don't want to send it in for repair and feel like you can do the repair yourself, you can try places like EBay to find as-is Zen V's to obtain a replacement mainboard. Here are a couple of videos of the disassembly here and here that should help. Good luck Honu and welcome to ABI!
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