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Default Can do playlists for Fuze with WMP vers 10?

I've read that Fuze will run WMP 10. You don't need latest version 11.

NOTE: Unfortunately, my OS (XP Media Edition - 2002!) won't allow me to upgrade WPM to 11, which I've tried to do for Netflix! Ugh!! (Thanks, Microsoft for NOT supporting my XP version with latest WPM).

So, it shouldn't be a problem when my new Fuze arrives. But has anyone found any quirks or problems with doing playlists on Fuze with this older version (vs version 11)? Just want to be prepared.

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It shouldn't have any problems, but I haven't tried
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Default WiMP 10 / 11

No problems with playlists from WiMP 10. With both versions of the player, the big improvement was MTP mode, allowing seamless WMA DRM transfer, among other things.

MTP mode allows "safer" music transfer, as your data is sent across in complete packets, meaning that an accidental unplug without "ejecting" the device won't cause corrupt files as MSC mode can sometimes do.

Also, album art works beautifully with the Fuze in MTP mode. I've had art drop off when dragging directly in MSC mode.

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