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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
the controls bug me. You know, all those buttons.
They bug me too Lawrence. I've never been a fan of smaller buttons like that and I can't stand using them let alone using them for a chat function that isn't at least a qwerty keyboard.

Originally Posted by Cipher7 View Post
How is there no yahoo, gtalk, or msn? I thought this was (heavily) advertised?
Since when does Creative advertise any of their players, let alone heavily advertise them?

Originally Posted by Cipher7 View Post
Seems like sound quality is meh...
Seems to me the sounds quality isn't meh, but the X-Fi feature may be.
Originally Posted by EnzoTen View Post
They both seem to have the same power, so my answer would be that they will not drive bigger phones better.
I've read that the X-Fi is a tad louder. Maybe not much to tell right away, but still a little louder. Can you confirm any increase in output at all?

How is the speaker? I was wondering if the speaker was at least amped because non-amped speakers connected to the headphone jack has always been way too low in volume even when turned up all of the way.

Originally Posted by no9 View Post
but it should at least be better than my 4 yr old ZVM.
Yeah, but it seems DAP's these days are going in the opposite direction in terms of usability and feature sets. Manufactures seem to try to cram as many features in their players, but end up poorly implementing them and removing the ones that were working great.
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