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Default I Took A Huge Risk!

ok, so a while ago, about, hmm last fall we'll say, i was in the us (im from canada...Eh!) and well, i was reading about the fuze on this site, and heard that it was the most complete and well built sansa mp3 player to date, without upgrading firmware etc. so while i was in the states, i decicded to buy one, this was a huge risk as they arent available in canada, so if it broke, im shit outta luck, anyways, since ive had it ive had no problems whatsoever, cept the scratches but who cares about those right? so im happy that i bought a good one, and have had no problems, thanks!
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eh Hoser..??. Got me one too with some bac bacon & Molson's. Best player this side of Flin Flon!
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What?? Where do you live? I seen Futureshop, bestbuy, and all these places selling the old E200, View, Clip, and Fuze. I even had them in my hand, because they were shown on display. I was even planning on purchasing a Fuze, but decided to go with a Zune 80 instead.

Also, if your Sansa breaks, they have a place in Quebec that accepts them. That's where I had to send, when I had my Old e260 sansa broken, which was about a whole year ago. Not too sure about the place now, but you can just use the Sandisk help service if you ever need help.

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