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Old 07-27-2008, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by woof View Post
Hi ...In trying to locate the source(s) of the distortions, I found that the Pilot equalizer has some effect on a distortion that sounds much like over-saturation (clipping). I believe Digialdel mentioned that the input to the BT encoder was fed a maximum volume signal all the time to provide the best S/N ratio for the BT link. It seems to make sense that reducing the BT input signal by using eq would help some. There also seems to be other BT distortions that I cannot pin down or correct. These sound like "grittyness" or "raspyness" on the edge of vocals, horrid smearing/distorting of cymbols, etc. I've tried all flavors and types of file encoding rates from MM and none seem alter this... Woof
New member and new Pilot owner here, adding some additional info for the benefit of others who, like me, had bluetooth near the top of their "must have list" when comparing units.

Instead of bluetooth headphones, I connect the Pilot to a home stereo using bluetooth and the Motorola DC800 adapter. I too head the distorsions that Woof heard, EXCEPT when I switched the Pilot's Equalizer to "Normal", it seemed to vanish.

I'm not an audiophile, and the stereo I was using was far from first-rate, but I did an "A-B" comparison using the CD that the MP3 was created from, and the MP3 on the Pilot via bluetooth, pumped through the same amp & speakers. I was quite impressed how close the two sounded, WHEN the EQ was set to "Normal."

Another BT issue that I've seen is lag. Not a problem for audio only sources, but an issue for music videos, and TV/Movies. Here's what I found- The degree of lag is highly dependent on the audio bit rate used when coverting the source material. At 128 Kb/s, it's very very slight, and definately watchable. At 256 kb/s it's obvious and intolerable. I tried rates in-between and got "in-between" results. My sample was a avi file created using "SUPER" from a source VOB file. All other parameters were kept the same.

For those just starting out in BT, I want to make clear that the lag was only on the BT audio. The sound coming though the wired earphones stayed perfectly in sync with the video. (I had both on simultaneously: left ear wired, right ear BT.)

I want to thank all the other posters here for helping me make up my mind to purchase the Pilot. I've only had it for a week now, but so far I'm very saisfied with it. --hourglass

PS- For those worried about how long the battery charge lasts using bluetooth, I've avoided that issue by using the Motorola "USB style" charger that came with my cell phone BT earpeice (also Motorola). It plugged right into the Pilot, and DOES NOT put the pilot into "sync mode" like using the USB cable connected to a PC does.
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