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Now, this is from the fitness geek and ultra-outdoorsman who treats his personal electronics like dirt - literally:

Considering how MP3 players tend to wear, this player isn't holding up too badly after two and a half months. Structurally, it's rock-solid; however, after over a month mostly spent in a silicone case, there is some wear to the paint, and my serial number came clear off!

Now, if I wanted to disassemble this thing and void my warranty, then I could certainly get rid of the dust and dirt that has accumulated under the screen. However, the screen does shine right through it; my brightness is set to 100%, since I am outside quite a bit with this thing either clipped on my pants or strapped on my arm.

The screen has been scratched up a fair bit, and it does cause some minor distortion at times when viewing the screen at certain angles. However, after I get some Applesauce Polish on this thing, it should be fine. The rest of the front of the player still looks very nice, except for more chipped paint off of the wheel.

About the wheel...I like how it's tactile and real, unlike control wheels on players by certain other companies... But, there are two drawbacks:

1) The wheel can sometimes feel a little flimsy, especially when scrolling at warp speed with it.

2) Dirt can get wedged inside there, which is an unpleasant experience; it's incredibly annoying, since it can nearly lock up certain controls.

So, considering the way I treat my personal electronics, the SanDisk Sansa Fuze is, overall, reasonably rugged. Since you'll probably treat yours far more nicely than I treat mine, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with its durability.
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