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Originally Posted by william0520 View Post
I have an Insignia 8Gb, however, is it possible to cut and paste .txt [text] files from your pc onto it...also if you could, would you place them in the audio books folder?
Yes you can. It doesn't really say much about the format in the manual other than it will display them. You just place them anywhere on the device as covertrussian says and you have to use the file browser to view them. For instance I created a folder called 'ebooks' on my device and placed them there. To view them you press the play/pause button as you would with the music, video or photo files. I don't really plan on using this feature as I have a smartphone with a more sophisticated ebook reader.

I get the feeling that this was a last minute 'bonus' feature as very little information about it is in the manual apart from the fact that it is listed as a supported format.
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