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Default Some winamp playlists don't play, some do?

Bottom line is some, but not all of the playlists that I generated in winamp will not play. The lists show on my Fuze, but refuse to play. The individual songs will play. What am I doing wrong?
Fuze 2G Firmware version V01.01.11A
MSC mode
example of M3U playlist generated by winamp
#EXTINF:391,Arlo Guthrie - Motorcycle (Significance of the Pickle)
60s\-arlo guthrie- motorcycle (significance of the pickle) song.mp3
#EXTINF:271,Eric Burdon and the Animals - House of the Rising Sun
60s\-eric burdon and the animals- house of the rising sun.mp3
#EXTINF:241,Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
60s\-jimi hendrix- all along the watchtower.mp3
60s\-jimi hendrix- castles made of sand.mp3
60s\-otis redding- (sittin' on) the dock of the bay.mp3
60s\-Steppenwolf- Born To Be Wild.mp3
60s\-Traffic- Can't Find My Way Home.mp3
Most of the songs are encoded at 44khz, 128kbit, joint stereo, no crc bit, no copyright bit, original bit set
Winamp ver. 5.35

Playlist is located in the \Music\ directory, i.e. \Music\60s.m3u.
With the songs located in the \Music\60s folder.

I have other playlists that I generated using winamp that work fine for example:
#EXTINF:213,Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
Disturbed\01-Ten Thousand Fists.mp3
#EXTINF:191,Disturbed - Voices
#EXTINF:226,Disturbed - Just Stop
Disturbed\02-Just Stop.mp3
#EXTINF:202,Disturbed - Guarded
#EXTINF:274,Disturbed - Stupify
The above play lists have been trimmed but the format is similar. Some of the file only have ID3v1 tags hence the missing "#EXTINF:" tag in the playlist file.

Why would the "Disturbed.m3u" playlist work fine on the Fuze but the "60s.m3u" playlist won't work?

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No luck so far.

I've updated the ID3 tags to v2. I've renamed the files thinking there may be some illegal characters but the files still won't play from the M3U file, they play fine by accessing the mp3 file directly.

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The Fuze apparently cannot handle playlists which reference folders with numbers in the folder names. I had the exact same problem with a "70s" folder. I changed the name to "Seventies", updated the playlist and everything works fine now.
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Thanks coke.

That seems to have worked.

It also seems to have issue with case sensitivity. For some reason when I renamed the folder "sixties" and regenerated the playlist it wouldn't work, but if I went in an renamed the folder to "Sixties" and generated the playlist it would work.

So folders can't seem to have numbers in them for m3u playlists to work properly. And, the case sensitively seems to need to be specific "title" case style.

Hopefully this can be repaired in a future firmware.
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