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if I knew Insignia was making a new player
I think you mean 'imminently about to release a new player' after all we do 'already know' that there is a good chance that they are working on a new player. Companies don't suddenly design and manufacturer a new model about a month or two before release You can get an idea of how long a consumer product takes from design to release when it doesn't support the latest memory cards for instance even though the memory cards have been out for what seems quite a while.

As covertrussion says, it's not in their best interest to let you know of any newer models until the last minute otherwise their revenue would suddenly dry up as consumers waited. There have been companies in the past that got burned this way by announcing a successor early only to realize that it was taking longer to get it to market than they thought. They then suffered financial difficulties that in the case of small companies have led to their demise.
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