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To update my above post, I now have my Invisible Shield installed and looking nice. I also went with the soapy water bowl method instead of just using the included spray. The key for me was getting over the fact the player was going to get wet, and just do it. I put the skin pieces in the water, let the soap run off, then put the soaked pieces on the player and slid them into place. Like OhMy, mine looked disappointing at first and I had very visible white fingerprints from where I had handled the top screen piece during my first botched installation. However, after sitting overnight the prints are almost completely gone and I am a satisfied IS customer. For those of you who get one of these skins, make sure you use the soapy water bowl method and don't worry about a little bit of water on the player. I wouldn't go dunking your Zen in the bowl, but a little water isn't going to hurt it.
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