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Default Replacing the memory?

I was thinking about this today, has anyone tried upgrading the flash memory in one of these yet?
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Don't think it would be possible. You would have to find the specific type of memory that they use, desolder the existing one from the board, and then solder the new one into place. Not exactly an easy task even for the experienced, since the connections are so small. Most likely result is a TRULY bricked device (as in no amount of software will restore it to functionality). Not really worth the time or risk to make the attempt, IMO.
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The desoldering/soldering would definitely be a bit of a challenge. Plus, with the size constraint, it wouldn't really be worth it to try and upgrade because the most you're going to find is an 8GB chip.
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My contact at Samsung France told me it is impossible for us
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thats cuz they want you to buy another one. ;-)
Woops read possible instead of impossible. My bad.
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