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Originally Posted by FeelinLucky7 View Post
Ok well I am about to get a FUZE next pay check and i have some concerns about the DURABILITY!

I know that a lot of you guys have had your fuzes for a long time so what do you think?

I own a e260 now and it has held up but is definatley showing its wear after 1 1/2 yrs.

Also does the SILVER Fuze come with a different back or something i have read other posts on hear that make it sound like it has more metal in the construction!
yeah Lucky, I've had mine for almost 5 months and love it. On the 8 gig its all one colour (front and back), with a non slip coating on the back. The colour to me is like a brushed metal or gun metal grey, and yes you should get a case, or screen protector. I have a clear case so screen scratches are a non issue. I like the case that I have but because of it's design (too thick) I have to use tweezers to remove the microSD card. You probably want to look for other cases. Have fun with your new Fuze!
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