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Originally Posted by CJ2150 View Post
In an ideal world there'd be a bit of free software that allows you to sync two folders (one on your computer, one on your zen) EXACTLY. So if you went on your computer, added a bunch of new mp3's to the folder, made some file name changes to some existing mp3's and changed the genre on other mp3's then pressed the sync button it would do a change only update to the folder on the zen, adding in the new mp3's and replacing the files that have either had their filename or tag info changed. I don't see why thats so hard, not that I could write it!!
Well, that is basically how it is supposed to work. Any additions/deletions/changes on any files within any of the sync folders should get synced to the Zen. Are you referring changes done of either the Computer or the Zen get synced together?

If so, give this a try if you use the Creative Sync Manager:

1. Open Creative Sync manager.
2. Right click on its icon in the system tray.
3. Select Player Settings and then your Creative Zen.
4. There should be a drop-down-box to change the Sync direction. By default it should indicate syncing from the computer to the Zen.
5. Change the setting to indicate syncing to both the computer and the Zen (double arrow).
6. Select OK.
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