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The Zen should automatically be creating the ZPL playlists based off of the M3U file data. I don't think there is really a data conversion taking place, but more so a newly created database entry on the Zen that points to the corresponding data based off of what is read from the recognized playlist file. The ZPL files on the Zen are basically zero-byte files which means they really don't exist in the sense of files that contain data, but more so contain pointers for the Zen's database to the audio files already stored on the Zen. This is also why I believe if you move the ZPL file from the Zen to the computer and then back to the Zen again, it loses the necessary information for the database to correctly associate and you get an unassociated file that doesn't do anything.

With that said, I believe the only way to create a ZPL playlist file is during a sync when the database is in the "writable" state to create them itself based off of the existing compatible playlist files or using software (like the Creative Playlist Wizard) that speaks the same language and can communicate directly with the database.
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