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Default Zen album art and Media Monkey

Media Monkey works just fine and I really like it. I have windows 2000 and with a lot of research and patience my new Zen works with MM to manage songs. I did have to install the Zen software on a Vista computer to use playlists and deal with pictures, but that is another story.

I noticed none of my album art, which was tagged and I thought embedded in MM, shows up on the Zen (synched to Zen thru Media Monkey). If I look at the album in Zen Media Explorer I find the album art as a jpg but it is called folder.jpg for every album. Some albums have more than one jpg and they are folder.jpg, folder1.jpg, folder2.jpg etc.

Album art works just fine in my Insignia Pilot. Any thoughts?????
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Keep in mind MM works just fine with Playlists. Your issue here is more with Win2000 and MTP support (or lack of).

Album art on the Zen needs to be embedded into the ID3 tags in order to show on the Zen. JPG files will not work. Please see the FAQ for more information as well as this thread on the topic.
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