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I bought the Insignia bluetooth headset along with my Pilot when they were on sale for $99. I hooked up my headset for the first time today as I had just received my Shure E3c's back from "repair" (I got the SE310's which are part of their performing package, receiver/monitor kit) and had ripped most of my music into WMA lossless. I am used to listening to the total isolation of the E3c's and their audiophile qulaity of reproduction so I was expecting the worse....I was surprised att he depth of bass, clarity of the mids and clear highs. I'm listening to Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny "Under the Missouri Sky" and can clearly hear their fingers slide over the frets and I am even more surprised at how far I can roam around the house and listen to them with the Pilot. I'm off to Walmart to get a BT dongle for my PC as I typically use my HP rx1955 PPC to stream Shoutcast audio as I roam around the house. I like the fact that I have so many choices for listening and viewing. My iPaq has a larger screen for viewing movies and The Core Media Player plays just about every file I can throw at it but when I run to the market it is the Polot I grab (though I still have the iPaq on my clip). I can hear a little more "oomph" with the rx1955 but it is a small difference.

I was also surprised to find out that the headset isn't JUST a headset, but that it also had a mic...I was ready to go out and replace my Plantronics headset so I can continue with my Rosetta Stone courses.
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