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Originally Posted by frozen_sony_pls_hlp View Post
hey guys, relacs. your sony i sabout to be repaired.. i managed to do so for mine. cCheck this out:

1. Unscrew your sony [ it was screwed before.. poor thing )]
2. remove all the stickers you can find.
3. Remove the battery. be careful so that you do not break any wires [two wires by the way , a red and a black one, leaving from the battery.
3. The thing is.. the battery still works, it buzzes your tongue if you touch it ) or lights a small LED ]
4. You have to remove the electronic part from the battery and replace it with one that works [Nokia has a small battery that will fit, i cannot rtemember the model however..8800 i believe.].. ATTENTION: it's the battery that you have to replace, so remove the electronic part from both batteries and then put the electronic part from the old battery to the new one, that way you can fool the player in believing that is the old battery]. I believe the malfunction is from the thing that the player does not know how to deal with the "Low battery" warning.. and it causes somekind of errror.damn those techniciens, i'll send them a quick IM.
4.You just have to solder the two wires to the new battery and then check if it works.

And That is it my friends. it depends on how much courage you have to remove the battery, stickers, wires.. it's kinda messy. but it worked for me, hey.saved me 200 bucks.

the player still works if you remove the wires from the circuit do not have to break anything, just with a small needle pop out the special connector there.

The player still works if you remove the battery from the player and connect the usb cable..that is how i did before i could find a battery to replace.
I did all this because Sony made the best sounding mp3 player around..please, any opinnion on a comparison from somebody, please post it. [ of course one that makes no difference when playing 192 kps mp3 ]
What model did you repair - the S61X series is different from the A81X series. Please specify which model you fixed.
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