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This is the second time that something has gone wrong with my zen...and it's starting to get me pretty upset. I am thinking of just getting an iPod.
I see that you have been a member here for well over a year. You've had your ZVM for how long and this is only the second problem you've had? I would say that is pretty impressive for any player. Are you also under the impression that IPod's don't ever have problems?

and then found a firmware patch for my zen
A patch? Do you mean an actual firmware?

except my mp3 player wasn't detected.
Verify that the ZVM is being detected correctly and that the driver for it is loading without error in Device Manager first. If the driver is not loading correctly, it cannot be detected. Also, do you have any of the Creative software installed on any of the computers you have tried?

i tried this on 3! computers, 1 with vista, 2 with XP, and none work. when i plugged in my zen, it popped up, sayign it detected it, but the firmware software doesn't seem to think its plugged in.
Since the problem seems to be carrying with the ZVM (in not being detectable), there may also be a possibility that the file system has become corrupt and since the firmware is stored on the hard drive, this corruption may have been the cause of the firmware corruption. It would also explain why the ZVM doesn't get detected correctly if the file system needs reformatted (re-creates file system) to take a new firmware install. Keep in mind a Format will erase all of your files on the ZVM, so hopefully you have all of your files backed-up.

i really dont want to dish out 300 or whatever to get an ipod, but as of now, it looks like the only route.
Then why even ask for help? It sounds like you are already dead-set on purchasing a flawless IPod.
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