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Originally Posted by Cptnodegard View Post
I have one of those soshines and it works well, remember if you use rechargable batteries thats 1.2v * 4 = 4.8 v not 6 as with non rechargable batteries. I must admit i havent used it much through as i have a 3400mah usb battery pack from a real brand i use instead.
Thanks for the feedback. Good to know it works. Your right with the voltage. I just wish there was something that ran on AA's just for capacity. Worse comes to worse it will do if I can't find anything better. I just want something that will get me through a long haul flight video wise and really aaa batteries are useful for me anyway, mini torch, remotes etc so although a dedicated USB battery sounds nice I thinkthe aaa will be more useful for me at home and on the road..

Any idea how many full charge(s) your shosine will provide with 4xaaa batteries? Unfortunately I can't find the specs for the battery the unit uses else I'd probably be able to work it out.

Edit: Nevermind as usual I found it after posting...700mAh. Guess would be around 2.5 charges from a set of 750mAh batteries at 60% efficiency.

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