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lets just hope that one its time is reduced to a certain point it will have enough power to go passed the creative logo and finally show me the word I've been dying to see "ZEN" lol.
It would be nice if you had an AC charger to use instead.

Also i found out why my zen went dead, my father bought a crappy charger/car player adapter and he said he switch the setting to 12v
Ouch! Yeah, most likely something is "fried". Perhaps the charging circuit, SMD fuse.... Besides not having a good charged battery for booting, that could explain why it also seems to fail during boot up; perhaps a hardware failure during the boot-up process detected.

"Creative" logo - indicates the full boot-up process.
"Zen" logo - indicates loading of the firmware.

4.OMG my dads an IDIOT!!! ( i asked him for the manual for the charger thingy he said he throw it away when he opened the package!!).....
I would go easy on him. After all, he is buying you a new 32GB Zen.
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