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The only cable I got with the zen was the one i posted above mate.
Ok, no big deal. The ZVM usually comes with a sync adapter (dongle) and not the cable you have.

When I look at the data port of the zen the 2 pins on the far left, and far right seem more prominent than the others. Also there are 2 pins in the centre which are more visible. Sound normal?#
Hard to say really.... any chance that you could take a picture and post?

I have done this but should I wipe all creative software, roll back, upgrade to WMP 11, reinstall creative software?
I would uninstall all of the Creative software and leave it uninstalled until your issue is resolved. The Creative software is not needed for the ZVM to work anyway, so no sense in having it installed when it has been known to cause so many issues with connectivity when the OS is already MTP compliant itself. Once the Creative software is all uninstalled, then try reinstalling/uninstalling WMP versions.

apparently I bought a refurbished unit from despite paying full price for it and thinking it was brand new.
That's not good. That explains the lack of a sync adapter.

i rang who offered a refund of the 150 i paid for it so it's being picked up on tuesday to be refunded ..
Ah, good to hear! Good thing you decided to double check for any warranty before possibly doing anything that may have voided it.

thanks again bobby and gadget for your helps
No problem! Good luck.
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