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Unhappy NWZ-A818 Battery goes 12-15 hours

I have had my NWZ-A818 since Jan this year, and the battery life is progressively shortenning. Currently, I get an average of 12-15 hours before the battery dies completely.

All my tracks are 192 bit MP3. I have tried with the various enhancements turned on and off (clear bass, EQ, etc), but that only seems to affect the overall time by about an hour or two. I have the blank screen saver, no popups, never actually used it for video or photo play...

Any thoughts? I haven't really seen any information on how much the format and the enhancements should affect battery performance. I did read somewhere though that the 33 hour battery like is based on a 96 bit MP3, or an ATRAC file...can't remember exactly what it was, but in any case, nothing to say that if you have 128 bit MP#, batt life goes down x%, and if you have 192, batt life goes down another x+5%, and if you use clear bass, it goes down 10% and the EQ takes an additional 5% or somthing like that....curently in my case, I am getting almost 35-40% of the advertised battery life...

Any ideas?

Sep 1st, 2008:
Since this post, I received a response from Sony support. The message stated that the 'behvior is normal' (no indication why the official spec is more than twice this 'normal' battery life!!), and that I should either 'try a different brand of batteries and make sure they are not corroded' (the battery is not user replaceable!!) and make sure the G sensor is turned off (this model does not have a G Sensor!!) - so to sum it up, they didn't even bother to check which model the enquiry was much for tech support

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