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However, none of the itunes files which were on my zen player copied over to WMP - I assume because the itunes MP4 files cannot be played by WMP and I cannot convert them?
The Zen will not even recognize MP4 files as being on the Zen, when viewed from the Zen. If you view it with the computer, you should see them. However, they will be just taking up space since the Zen cannot handle playback of those types of files. See more in this thread.

First question then - Is there a way to convert the itunes files to work on the WMP and therefore show up in the library there?
You will have to use video conversion software like that of the Creative Video Converter, Super, Any Video Converter, etc. in order to convert the MP4 files into a playable video format the Zen supports.

if I plug back to the WMP am I going to get the same problem and in particular if I edit any album info again?
You need to pick one sync program to use and stick with it. Anytime you begin mixing sync program transfer methods you always risk creating duplicate files.

I have the added problem of what to do with the itunes format files ripped from cds which I presumably will have to re-rip to WMP?
You don't rip anything TO WMP. WMP is set to recognize the folders you have you audio files stored in. If it isn't then you change it to reflect the location. It is from this location of the files is where WMP will use as its source for syncing them to the Zen.

WHAT IS BEST TO DO ANYONE? I just want what I have on the computer to show the same as the zen.
Should I stick with WMP or go back to the Creative software?
Get all of your audio files into a playable format that works on the Zen (like MP3). Keep the main copy of your audio files on the computer. Then sync those files to the Zen using WMP. When ever you need to make changes, make the changes to the same files on your computer using WMP. Once you do another sync, those changes should replicate to the Zen.

It sounds like you are making this harder for yourself than what it really is. Keep in mind a sync is a sync. It copies new files and changes made between two locations. It is not really a movement of files.
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