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Default Audio jack issues

i have owned the player for a few months so far and everything works great on it, my issue is when i have it plugged into my car radio (headphone jack) the left audio goes dead, if i twist the phone plug in the player, the left comes back until i hit a bump then back out, i tried re-plugging the cable in and even trying different cables the same result
i have tried my cables with other devices and they work fine, ths makes me lean toward the internal jack on the player
has anyone ran into this problem? is there an easy fix? is there a permanent fix? is there a place i can order this or a similar jack that i can just solder in place? last thing i want to do is solder a pigtail inside the unit, it would look soo s*itty with a wire hanging out of the bottom
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You can RMA it, or you can open it and solder the headphone jack. If it is the jack, you could find a new jack.
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I'm guessing it's the same problem I had with my e200. If you can lightly push the jack towards one direction and the channel stays on, then the cradle isn't effectively making contact. On my e200, I took it apart and put in a little extra padding around the jack casing to prevent it from rocking around.
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The op has only owned it a few months, direct him to RMA it is the best solution.

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