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Default Wishing for a themeable Fuze interface...

My First Concept:

Here's one person wishing for the Fuze to be compatible with either H3Mod or at least somehow more open... Anyone else

Also, anyone notice the Fuze has a striking resemblance to my mock up for the contest that was recently held?
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All I can say is sandisk needs to do some innovation on more then just their hardware on players. Some innovation on the software wouldn't hurt.
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I'm hoping that it will be Rockboxed one day. Yes the change in software is definitely needed.
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I guess no updates on any kind of h3mod type themes ?
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There is no H3Mods for the Fuze yet.
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I like the look of your skin. It also wouldn't hurt if the rockboxing knocked up the performance of it, as in scrolling through songs and artists faster and possibly increasing the slight delay between songs that there is. Don't know if it's even conceivable, but something tells me the stock interface doesn't take advantage of the Fuze's hardware.
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I am with you guys on this. I really wish SanDisk would work on their software. There always seems to be bugs in the firmware that shouldn't be there and the interface hasn't changed in 3+ years. I love my Fuze, but its annoying that they only seem to work on the hardware.
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I just wish the fuze had anti-aliased fonts.
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