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Default U3 Stuck in Chinese or w/e...


I just added a couple more songs to my YP-U3 and to my surprise, now the ID3 Tag is in chinese. Not being stupid, I wen't to options to turn it back on to english but to my surprise it was already set to be in english. Still it was in friggin chinese. To make sure there really was a problem I set it in french and still it's in chinese.

I've had so many stupid mp3 players and every one of them ended up with either a big crack in the middle of the screen or some retarded problem like stuck in chinese (it's actually the first time but I think you can guess it pisses me off)

Thanks if you can help.

Yea btw, the menu is in english itself. It really is only the ID3 Tags that is in chinese.
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Some of the things you could try: Check your ID3 tags with MP3Tag or Tag&Rename (maybe refresh the tags), reload the tracks to the player to force a database refresh, reset the player, upgrade firmware...
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Same problem here but only with the song information displayed when the song is playing. The song title is in some Asian language. The information displayed when browsing artists, songs, and genres is correctly in English.
I thought the problem was with firmware 1.13, I downgraded to 1.11 but that problem is still there. Moreover, now I cannot upgrade again to 1.13. The 1.13 rom file in the system dir is ignored.
I like Samsung hardware but its software is buggy beyond imagination. Definitely they do not do any localization test and this is not acceptable.
This is my last Samsung device. From now on I will buy Cowon.
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For info, as it seems it isn't documented properly anywhere on the web...

The actual place where the u3 is struggling is in the character set. If you set your encoder/tagger to use ID3TAG v2.3 instead of v2.4 the problem will go away. It will also go away while still working in version 2.4 tags if you override the charset with western (ISO-8859-1)... dunno if that varies with region though, but probably not.

Picard and Easytag were both able to do the changes for me, but I can't recommend any similar apps on windows I'm afraid....

It's annoying we have to work around international standards to get things working... a firmware upgrade would be much better, particularly given they simply continue to sell the player regardless.

Best wishes,
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I dont know if this thread is still active, but if so, here is the problem: The U3 wants to use the later IDv2 tag system, rightly as this offers more options to the user. If your song only has an IDv1 tag, it will use that, but many IDv1 tags are written using the later unicode char set, which the player cant read, so it resorts to some sort of Chinese default. The simplest and most permanent fix is to give your song an IDv2 tag using one of the common editors. I use Audio Tag Tool on Linux. I am sure there are many Windows alternatives if that is your flavour.
Seems a shame to slam this great little player when it is only trying to be 100% up to date :-)
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