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Default Display- and Hold-Question


so i know the display turns off when you put the zen into hold-mode, but is it possible to make the display turn off even when its not on hold? like it will dim first and after a few seconds or so, it should turn off.

another possibility to achieve what i'm looking for would be to make the hold-mode able to react to button pushed.

my old player had the ability to set up what button should stay useable in hold-mode.
i'd like to use the next/previous sond and volume-buttons while i'm in hold-mode.

i dont really like how the screen just dims after a few seconds. i mean, its not a real "problem", its just that i'd rather have the screen turned off and still be able to do basic things...
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In short... No, you can't get the display to turn off completely unless you put the player in lock/hold mode. And then you can't use any buttons.

I'd love it too if the display blanked completely after a while with no button presses... just like cellphones, PDAs etc (and other media players). I'm sure it would save a lot of power.

The next best solution is the wired remote - you can lock the Zen (and blank the screen) but still control playback/volume via the remote.
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