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Originally Posted by saifbunni View Post
I bought my T10 last week, it is perfect !!!! and it has everything for its cheap price. BUT, recently i been having a big problem with it.

SUDDENLY, WHILE I AM LISTENTING TO MUSIC, THE T10 SCREEN TURNS OFF, music stops, and all waht i hear is a continuos high pitched beep sound. To solve this stupid problem, everytime, i have to press the reset button.

OMG !!!! PLS SOMONE HELP ME ! ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM, i dunt want to return the t10, cuz i simply love it !!!!! Someone pls give me a solution, or tell me if u had this problem before??!!!!:ee k:

Thank U
Yep mine does it. After the second recharge, I changed audio settings and thats when it did it. So at the moment I have DNSe switched off and have yet to see how it goes. (On Rock which was my setting is when it did it)

YES!!! CONFIRMED! It is the DNSe. Either switch it to normal or user settings. I have tried it heaps and it hasnt happened at all. I suggest USER setting because normal sounds flat.

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