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Default What happens if I exchange my 8GB Pilot?

My output jack has been acting a little flaky lately. I don't think I'm ready to return it yet, but I got the warranty service when I bought it just in case.

However, how would Best Buy handle this for a product they no longer carry? Do they have extra 8GB models sitting around just in case, or would they replace it something of lesser value, or greater value? I dunno, but it would definitely affect my decision to put up with the noise the output jack has been making lately.

- Brian Q.
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If they don't have any more 8 GB Pilots, i think you can redeem it for store credit, or you can exchange it for another product of equal or lesser value. If the product you exchange it for costs more than the Pilot did when you bought it, then you would just pay the difference.

That's how i upgraded from an NS-DV4G to an 8GB Pilot; i had an NS-DV4G, then i exchanged it for a 4GB Pilot and paid the 20 dollar difference. The SD Slot wasn't working well on my 4GB Pilot, and i when i went to Best Buy about 4 months later, the 8GB Pilot's price was less than the 4GB Pilot's price when i bought it. I was able to exchange my 4GB Pilot for an 8GB Pilot without paying, but the difference was not added as store credit. That's why i said a product of equal or lesser value.
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