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Originally Posted by Conchchowder View Post
Yeah...but I weighed cost/application/performance and figured that I'm not using it for archival purposes or data collection (recording audio, video, or for photography) and figured it was less than a few gallons of gas.

16 GB is around 4000 songs, right? Remember, back in the day, we (the audiophiles) would buy metal particle/exotic formulation casette tapes at $5 a pop that would hold 30min/side for 60min of music? That is 4000 x 3min average song for 12,000 minutes or 200, 60 minute high-quality audio tapes (even with ho-hum s/n ratios, wow, flutter, distortion, and spotty noise reduction capability) my digital card carrying FLAC and WMA Lossless beats the crap out of my audiophile-quality cassettes. the total I would have to spend on those cassettes with poor (compared to digital) quality would be $1000 at $5/cassette for 200 tapes to hold the 4000 songs I store on my el-cheapo flash card. EVEN at Win 95 speed (I can load/sync files as I sleep) the cost benefit ($20 vs $1000) EVEN with inflation is a no-brainer to if I were going out to buy a 32 GB card NOW at $175...I would seek out the best...but I wont..I'll wait 'till the price drops to around $40 or so.

I truly understand your point but it's $20, not $200
Dang you must be an accountant

Yeah I understand if it would be $20 shipped. It looks like most of them $24 + $9 shipping...

Plus the pilot doesn't support more then 3K songs with the card
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