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Default 1.68 US firmware - newbie question!

I recently received my Samsung T-10 4GB from Best Buy, and the firmware version is 1.68 US 2008.2.11

I have read many threads but I never found anything on this version, and I really don't want to waste time taking risks in case they don't work.. so I'm wondering what to do now in order to upgrade my firmware to the latest version that everyone else's using do I just do

By the way I saw a few preloaded wallpapers of la fleur.. but not any themes .

Thanks for the help!

Edit: OH and one more thing. It came with a CD.. but there's nothing in it. So... do I use windows media player 11 or EmoDio? Or should I just use explorer, because it works too, and that's what I'm doing now (dragging music into the music folder, pictures into the picture, etc.)
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im pretty sure that u can use just the new firmware and it should give u all the stuff from previous firmwares but i suggest a 2nd opinion. and for your second question u can use anything you want, what ever u think is easy for you.
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Try MediaMonkey. Its like WMP or Winamp, but I find its MUCH better, much more stable and easier to use. For videos, see the WMV Tutorial stickied thread. Navin and myself offer detailed steps on making videos compatible with the T10 in both .WMV and .AVI/.SVI formats. I dont use SMS at all. Much better options are out there.

As for firmware. I HIGHLY recommend upgrading to 3.06 as it adds much more functionality to your T10. Much more than what it shipped with.

Hope that helps.
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I have the same issue, except the fw version is 1.68 BB. I purchased this refurbed unit on EBay. Does the BB stand for Best Buy ? If so, wondering why Samsung would be placing this on refurbed units. Anyway, since by copying the 3.06 files directly over to the unit does not updated, I should use the link provided in the 1st post ?

Does anyone know what the differences are between 1.68, and 3.06 ?

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Its seems from posts that the BB version is not liked at all, just flash it to the MSC firmware.

To get new features and Bugs removed you do need to update the Firmware, its a Must do thing.
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So, I guess I will try using the procedure at the top of the thread and see how it goes. Also, waiting to here back from Samsung on this issue, since it was supposidly refurbed from them.

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