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Now, one funky thing I noticed when playing with the dongle and av out. I can not control the volume using the Vision M touch pad, only the volume on the speakers. This doesn't both me in the least as the sound quality is far better than using the headphones jack.

A) is this normal?
B) can I expect the same when connecting the dock to the AUX input on the VS2421 wired remote? It won't be a problem as I love the volume control on the wired remote.
The answer to part A: The volume control on the ZVM only controls the headphone jack. The dock does not have any control other than video out. You will need to disable the video out when connecting to your speakers or the display will blank.
The answer to part B: You will have the same thing happen have connecting the dock to the AUX input on the vs2421 remote.

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