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Default S 30 Won't turn with battery only via AC

Doe anyone have any suggestions?

My Gigabeat won't run on battery power anymore, (the battery is not dead it stopped working when the battery was half full).

It will however run off of the AC Adapter. but won't recognize via USB

I have disassembled to make sure the battery connector did not wiggle loose.. no luck didn't make a difference.

Any other ideas?

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am i da 1 2 anser tis during da superbowl??
NY suks
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guess so gj ny!
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You may have to send it back for a replacement battery, I've heard of this sort of thing happening, the battery may have malfunctioned and is no longer operating properly.

(I have to ask, sorry), is the battery turned on? Maybe you accidentally turned it off, this maybe why it's only playing through AC power. Check to see if the battery is turned on.

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replace the battery yourself (unless its still under waranty), same thing happened to me. havnt replaced batt though, its opened and i got it out...
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