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Old 09-20-2008, 01:01 PM
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But then how is it that a limited batch of prereleased zens can play higher res videos? I find it hard to believe that creative would roll out a batch of players with higher spec hardware (for cheaper) during a prerelease sale and then decide to lock it down to a lower processor?
You got me.... I've never heard of that before. Maybe a test batch they tried. Perhaps there is a variant of the STMP70XX series that is capable of higher than QVGA resolution. Hell, perhaps the STMP3700 can decode higher than the stated QVGA, just not at 30fps. QVGA may be the max for 30fps. I don't really know.... either way, it should be hardware defined/restricted and not by an MTP generated DeviceInfo dataset file (which gets its settings from the device). I'm not sure if the 16k instruction and data cache would be the issue as much as the low single core clock rate of 300mhz of the STMP3700.
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