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Default I'm wiping banana off of my face

It is the icon for Monkey Audio not Media Monkey.

My sincere apologies to fans of this MM software.

Do you see how this demented monkey on Ketamine could make your proper desktop look like a POS?

I DO, however remember dl'ing Media Monkey v2 and having it hang my system, so I offed it as well.

Is it still bloated software?

Again, sorry guise.
Epic fail.

PS...the little Playskool Weeble icons are, eh...but I guess I could reassociate them by adopting a skin.

I have GOM media player and all of my .flv icons look like round balloons with toes on I really shouldn't complain much.

Note: I just checked out the Media Monkey site...seems worthless as a sync program for the Pilot...and not much help there either for those in need. Seems like we have better support amongst ourselves.

One thing i have reconfirmed from all of this, is after you have done your basic shopping for price/features, etc...go to a good forum for THAT device and start pretending you already own one and see what bugs/benefits it may have. THEN hit the "buy now?" button.

I did this with my InFocus SP4805 and am still loving my with Toshiba releasing their new EDVD players...I'm headed there next.

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