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Hello Nixxrite. Welcome. The Mediasource Organizer software is not needed at all in order to use the ZVM. As long as you are using an MTP compatible OS (like WinXP with WMP11 and Vista...), the ZVM can function just fine. You can either use the drag-and-drop method with Windows Explorer or even use other media managers like MediaMonkey, WinAmp, etc...

Since you are using Vista, Vista has native support for MTP devices like the ZVM. No added software at all is needed to use the ZVM. Once you plug it in, it should show under My Computer as a Portable Device and you can use WMP11 (if you like) to sync your files. Creative's software is not needed at all with Vista and usually (besides being extremely unstable) causes problems with MTP support.

You mentioned you upgraded the firmware..... did it upgrade correctly without any errors/problems? If so, since you are getting rebuilds now when powering on, boot into Recovery Mode and select a Cleanup from the menu and then Reboot when the Cleanup finishes. This should help with the database inconsistencies the ZVM may be experiencing.
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