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Default No Songs?

ok well I uploaded a video onto my mp3 player and then i turned it on and no songs and my videos were gone it said there are no tracks...but i went to settings and i saw where it says how much memory i have free and was all full then i hooked it up to the computer and all the songs are there...what should i do?....should i take all the songs and re-install them.....i have about 12 gigs of songs and videos

thank you if you help me
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I had a similar thing happen to me today. I hooked up my player to a mac to transfer some files and when I disconnected it, the Pilot could no longer detect any files. When I reconnect it to a mac or PC I can see the files are there, but I cannot detect them via the Pilot itself. I am now trying to reformat the pilot and see what happens then. Any ideas anyone?
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Tony123 & mbioman, yes format on the player if possible, if not:

I had the internal and external locked up tight with a corrupted tag/art.
I had to remove the card and format in a reader under a hard drive utility, but for the internal I just used coffee-turtle's fix:

1) Hold the power button (slider) in the on position for about 15-20 seconds to force the player to turn off.

2) Hold the menu button down and simultaneously hold the power button (slider) to the on position.

3) Do not let go when the device turns on. You will then get a screen message in black and white that reads (with a typo):



"WARRING !!!" will appear in red (and probably should read "WARNING". You will have the options of "No" and "Yes".

4) Choose "Yes" to re-format your device.

Thanks coffee-turtle
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Yeah, i had problems with my MP3 player when i first got didnt even display foreign characters. But if you reformat it (Erase Internal Settings), the player will work well. I dont know why that's necessary though.

Remember, whenever you get an Insignia player (if ever again -_-), reformat it before use.
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Reformatting worked well. I don't know why the problem occurred however. I put everything back on that I had before and after the screw-up and no problems. I have owned my pilot for almost 10 months and this was the first time I've had a problem, other than freezing after making a long playlist.
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I have found that if I switch back and forth between transfer modes I will eventually start losing files. If it all possible leave the setting at Automatic.

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