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I've had no crashes or anything with the new firmware yet (though I haven't tried transferring files or anything yet).
Radio reception with the new firmware...I dunno. I barely ever used the radio before anyway, but it's possible the reception has improved. My house is usually pretty terrible for all things reception-related but stations seemed pretty good, with two of the three signal bars and pretty much no static.

The one thing I have noticed, which for me makes the new firmware totally worthwhile: The bug of the player having low volume and muddy sound when you turn it on until you muck with x-fi settings hasn't reoccurred since
I upgraded.
No idea about the crystalliser though - my ears aren't good enough to tell the difference, to be honest.

EDIT: Totally minor, but I discovered another little benefit. When you browse by album and have it set on album art mode (with the six album covers per screen), fastscrolling screen by screen used to not update the album title text at the top. That's fixed now.

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