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Originally Posted by Eccles View Post
When I turn it on, it plays for a while, and then the music stopped, and then no response (including the switch). I have to use the reset button(ZVM restarts like it is supposed to) and go into the recovery mode to turn the ZVM off by the switch (the switch works in the recovery mode).

I've tried to format it for serveral times, sometimes it fails at around 8x%.
And no failure in reloading firmware.
The Format and Firmware Reload work sometimes. But after that, the problems are still there, they don't help solving the problem.

I can still connect the ZVM with my computer properly. (not even fail once up till now)

Sorry for misleading, coz my english isn't very good
Ok, the more you describe the problems, the more it does sound like a possible hard drive beginning to fail. There is always a chance the mainboard could be the problem or contributing, but since Recovery Mode works and the ZVM seems to work for the most part up until a point of a freeze, the hard drive is normally the main cause for this.
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