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Originally Posted by supercomputer500 View Post
so i finally got around to it, and using a different usb cord did work, thanks a lot .
No problem.

Originally Posted by supercomputer500 View Post
whenever my zen is off for a few hours or more, it will take 1-2 minutes to boot up.
So, basically after it finally powers all the way down from stand-by mode.... It can be as easy as you just needed to boot into Recovery Mode and do a Cleanup to more severe like the beginning of a hard drive going out. I would just start with a Cleanup to see if that helps.

Originally Posted by supercomputer500 View Post
also, in my zen explorer, when i click browse media, a windows internet explorer window will pop open and instantly close. i can still add media with the add media function though.
So, does the browser window actually try to go anywhere? Sounds like a software issue to me. Maybe uninstall the Creative software or reinstall.
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