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Default Zen Xfi 8Gb appreciation thread!

Well, I finally did it, I left the Ipod world and chose a Zen X fi 8Gb over the new ipod nano chromatic.

I am truly amazed with the quality of the Zen. I mostly watch tv shows on it and a couple of dvd rips. I use it on the bus everyday going to uni, its a very cool tool. The headphones are AMAZING too.

I use virtual dub set to xvid and 320 x 240 and get amazing results in picture quality. I love the fact it appears as a hard drive and Itunes can now go to hell and back.

Thanks creative for a fabulous little 100 I ever spent.

My partner has the classic ipod and its a nightmare making everything in to H264 (uugghh) good old zen takes an Xvid or Divx or wmv. Evrything I download arrives in avi and just needs a quick resize in Vdub... how easy is that!

Have you got one of these little treasures?.. if so share you joy in this thread!

Have a nice day.
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